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We teach our students not only how to play their instrument, but also how to 'learn how to learn' - a critical skill which students can then apply to any field they choose.

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Chi Wei Lo

Piano Faculty

Pianist and improviser Chi-Wei Lo can well and truly smash the fourth wall. Having earned his Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the Juilliard School, Lo enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration and is expanding his creativity through different forms of art. Lo is currently a doctoral candidate at the New England Conservatory, majoring in contemporary piano improvisation, where he was featured as a representation of virtuosity in 2019.

Chi Wei Lo
Dr. Xiaopei Xu

Dr. Xiaopei Xu

Piano, Music Theory Faculty

Xu has received international acclaim with top prizes at the New York International Piano Competition, Oberlin International Piano Competition, Tureck International Bach Competition, Richmond Piano Competition and the Washington D.C. International Young Artist Competition. She has been invited to major festivals including Pianofest in the Hamptons, PianoTexas, Banff Music Centre, Sarasota Music Festival, Russia Young Artist Festival, and the Walnut Hill Music Festival. Xu has also been invited regularly to give masterclasses and lectures in Nanjing, Beijing, Qingdao, amongst other cities in China. Xu has been exclusively interviewed by Shanghai Morning Post, Qilu Evening news, Music Weekly, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, and Shanxi Evening News. Her concerts have been reported by The Boston Globe, Sing Tao Daily, Boston Musical Intelligencer, Lancaster New Era, and more. 


Image by Stefany Andrade

I have a 9 year old learning piano from Mr. ChiWei and 6 year learning from Ms. Celia - both of them love their teachers, but more importantly, look forward to coming every weekend. Could I have taught my kids myself? Maybe. Would the outcomes be the same? Definitely not. There’s a great balance of iterative improvements that keeps my children confident so they don’t end up relearning poor fundamentals. For these reasons we’ve recommended both ChiWei and Celia to other parents when asked. After all it’s risk free - book a trial classes where you can see if the instrument and your teacher are a good fit. It was a big moment for our little family, but we decided to rent a legitimate children’s violin at Johnson’s Strings and purchased a composition-friendly, space-friendly, and budget-friendly electric piano (Casio, weighted keys). Some models of Roland also feel just as realistic to the acoustics used in class. Through my children, I’ve also learned how to play the violin and often find myself nodding to their teacher’s musicality. They’re world-class musicians often performing in concerts and orchestras after all. Some of the things they say sound like advice you’d hear from an inspirational speaker or career coach - I think it’s better for your children to fail early and often with the experience to overcome hardship through method and perseverance than simply not having the means to be resilient later down in life. ChiWei and Celia do a great job at pushing right under that tipping point where your child could give up. If you’re looking to push your child to be world class, this is a great place to be. If you’re just here so your child can have space to be themselves and enjoy the process - this is also a great little institution and community of like-minded teachers that will help your child grow and flourish.

Victor M Pan

All student lessons include private lessons, group classes & performance opportunities!

Private Lessons

One-on-One with Instructor

Private Lessons occur once a week at your regular time for 30/45/60 minutes (your choice), where your individual instructor will customize a lesson plan to suit your personal level, interests and needs.

Lessons currently held online and in person, student's choice. Check out our Team of top quality Faculty. See below for lesson rates.

Student taking private piano lesson
students taking private violin lesson

Studio Class

Group Sharing

Complimentary with your private lessons fee, this once a month class is open to all VYCo students to share their in-progress works with their peers. The warm and friendly environment is a favorite among current students! All instruments are welcome, as are family audience members. Classes are currently hybrid, both in-person and online via Zoom link.

Masterclasses and Performances Access

Ample Performance Opportunities

Tuition also includes participation in our two annual recitals and access to our masterclasses with guest artists who are top performers around the country - past examples include Kevin Lin (Concertmaster, Indianapolis Symphony), Nikki Chooi (Concertmaster, Buffalo Philharmonic) and William Shaub (Concertmaster, Knoxville Symphony).

Piano student at Spring Recital 2023
Boys in Guitar Class


Lesson Rates (select teachers may have higher rates):

  • $48 - 30 minutes

  • $72 - 45 minutes

  • $96 - 60 minutes


Only pay for classes. No registration fees, recital fees, late payment fees, etc. 

Lessons are provided year-round and not tied to the academic school year. 

Due to safety and liability precautions, we do not offer lessons in students' homes. Our lesson options are either at our VYCo location, or online via provided link. 

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