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Why VYCo?

Unique Approach

Top Instructors

Close-Knit Community

Our mission is to teach students to "learn how to learn". This doesn't just mean practicing and taking notes, but also includes learning to think critically, ask crucial questions, and discover the necessity of persistence, patience and self-reliance. The lessons in our classrooms extend far beyond the concert hall, and well into the modern world, regardless of field, background and culture. 

With degrees from Juilliard, Yale and Berklee, all of our Faculty are trained from top programs across the country and come with richly diverse teaching experiences. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help our students to not only make better music, but to also understand the "why" behind our development processes more deeply.  

In addition to private lessons, VYCo ensures that students have ample opportunities to share their growth through regular complimentary group events (e.g., Studio Classes, Recitals, etc.). Here, students learn to present, self-reflect and communicate with peers in a safe and friendly environment, share common new experiences and interests, and form friendships along the way.

Guitar and Violin

Our Story

Where It All Began

Village Youth Conservatory (VYCo) originated from my home violin studio in Newton (just down the road!) where students began coming around for weekly lessons since 2017. Over the years, as more and more students began to progress, I couldn't help but notice how much chamber music and exposure to other instruments would enrich my students' experiences even more. I dreamt of creating a "school" of my own to bring together more camaraderie and "straight-up musical fun" while incorporating growth mindset mentality through instrumental music.  Beginning January 2022, this dream is slowly becoming a reality. We hope you enjoy your time here and come along with us for the ride! 

- Celia  Zhang (Director)

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