Private Lessons and Classes

Check back frequently for new class offerings!

Private Lessons


One-on-One with Instructor

Private Lessons occur once a week at your regular time for 30/45/60 minutes (your choice), where your individual instructor will customize a lesson plan to suit your personal level, interests and needs.

Current selections are:

  • Beginner & Intermediate Piano Lessons

  • All level Guitar Lessons

  • All level Ukulele Lessons

  • All level Bass Lessons

  • All level Cello Lessons

  • All level Violin Lessons

  • All level Voice Lessons

  • All level Music Theory & Composition

Lessons currently held online and in person, student's choice. Check out our Team of top quality Faculty. See below for lesson rates.

Studio Class


Group Sharing

Complimentary with your private lessons fee, this once a month class is open to all VYCo students to share their in-progress works with their peers. The warm and friendly environment is a favorite among current students! All instruments are welcome, as are family audience members. Classes are currently hybrid, both in-person and online via Zoom link.

Group Music Theory

Sheet Music

Learn to Write Your Own Music

Music Theory and Composition provides students with the contextual understanding of what makes music "sound good", how to take it apart and put it together, and through doing so, create your own musical works! Students implement the elements they've learned with frequent compositions and share their works with peers and family. Prior experience in any musical instrument is helpful. Classes currently held remotely. See below for group class rates.


VYCo values ease and transparency in its pricing policy.

  • Most of our private lessons are charged at $92/hour, prorated (30 minutes - $46, 45 minutes - $69, 60 minutes - $92). Select teachers may have a higher rate.

  • Reach out to VYCo for rates on group classes, these will vary by class size.

  • VYCo adamantly believes in prorated lesson rates at a consistent hourly basis, and refuses to increase the price of shorter lessons - why should a family of two half hour siblings pay more than a family with one full hour? 

  • We don't charge fees (Registration fees, Recital fees, Late Payment fees, etc), just tuition for our classes.

  • We have students who come from all over Boston Metro and the surrounding areas. Given this, we do not follow a school year calendar (imagine the chaos of lining up breaks!) and instead continue lessons on a year-round basis.

  • Upcoming absences are to be notified by either party (Teacher or Student) well in advance of the lesson, otherwise we'll see you next week. For more info on absences/cancellations, please see our FAQ's page.

  • Finally, we keep our rates well-priced for our area. With this in mind, we do also strongly value keeping our teachers competitively paid for their time (we offer one of the highest teaching rates in our area), in order to attract and retain the most engaging and inspiring teachers for our students. ​